Uwell Caliburn

The Caliburn is Uwell's take on a low-profile refillable pod system for salt based nicotine juice. Uwell's Caliburn boasts an impressive 2ml pod with a unique dual firing method, utilizing both draw and button activation, which allows for a dynamic vaping experience. 

With a 520mAh battery life firing at 11w maximum output, the Caliburn will get you through the day while prioritizing flavor output rivaling larger style devices while still maintaining the sleek discreet aluminum chassis. This All-In-One MTL device is perfect for vapers who want the convenience and ease of use pod style vapes provide while not sacrificing flavors.

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Definitely an upgrade from my very first vape! I love how cute and compact it is, but it still does everything I need it to! The interchangeable tanks with new mouth pieces is definitely an added perk! I love it and would recommend to anyone

Best MTL Vape!

Honestly, Uwell never disappoints. The flavor out of this thing is crazy and the ease of use can't be beat. I vape pretty heavily and l never have to worry about having to re-charge it throughout the day. This one pod system replaced several others I've had in the past and I cannot recommend this product enough.

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