New Leaf Gold Leaf (60ml)

New Leaf Gold Leaf (60ml)

A perfect marriage of golden tobacco with a caramelized exhale. 60ml of the one tobacco to rule them all.

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Former smoker switched completely with this flavor

I run a Cleito with goldleaf 2.4. I've considered other flavors and tried many different ones but this is the ONLY flavor that resembles tobacco with a smooth kinda creamy aftertaste that just is incredibly satisfying. In the early days of this company their flavors were inconsistent but for the past year I have had ZERO issues and the clarity, consistency and taste has not changed. Keep up the great work and lets keep this classic going strong! Thanks New Leaf for all the work you all do and for creating a company that is more than trustworthy in my opinion.

Poor logistics

"Hi Joshua,

14 days ago we sent you 1 x New Leaf Gold Leaf (60ml).

We'd appreciate a review from you so you can help future guests find the right product. It would really mean a lot."
Ive yet to receive this. In fact it just left yesterday only after i complained about not receiving it. So yeah. That great

Shipping sucked

Love the product but shipping was crap. Ups rescheduled twice so it took well over a week to get it!

Love it my go too eliquid

Best flavor eliquid

Closest to blu gold leaf

Not too strong of a tobacco flavor. A very slight taste of Carmel.

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