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Let’s start with the basics

We remember being new to vaping. Not knowing our battery from our tank. Not knowing the kit we needed to get, let alone which kit we’d prefer.

That’s why we do what we do — to make vaping, changing your lifestyle, and exploring new juices an easier, more enjoyable process.

We do it best in person. We’d love you to drop in and get to know us. But we know even that can be intimidating when you don’t know the basics.

So here they are — the vaping basics. Ideal if you’re ordering online or just want to call in when you’re more equipped with some knowledge.

What you’ll need to vape:

A tank

A reservoir that is home to incredible flavors, the tank holds your juice and includes a coil that heats up to turn liquid into vapor.

Different tanks feature different coils in different places — and can sometimes take different formulations of juice.

A battery

You already know what a battery does. But your choice of battery can affect your vaping experience.

From battery life and sizes to variable voltages and temperature controls, you’ll need to find the right match for your routine and preferences.

Some juice

From tobacco and menthol replacements to fruitier flavors, this is where your taste buds come in.

When you order juice, you’ll see that different options come with varied levels of nicotine. This lets you customize the amount based on your smoking habits.

Your personal plan to stop smoking

We’ve helped thousands of people switch to vaping for a healthier lifestyle they can be proud of. And the way you’ll get there is unique.

That’s why we recommend coming in for a one-to-one consultation where we’ll guide you through the entire process, from looking at how you’ll keep motivated to helping you find the right kit.

There’s no one-size-fits-all.
But we’ll support you through:

  • Exploring your tastes and getting the right device and juice for you — the ones that will make vaping a fun, exciting and highly tailored experience
  • Offering a range of juices with different nicotine levels so you drop the most dangerous aspects of smoking instantly, then ease yourself away from nicotine over time
  • Celebrating your success — logging the days since your last cigarette, the money you’ve saved, and the huge impact on your life

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