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Your guides for easier vaping

Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Vaping is supposed to be a good thing. A way to change your lifestyle or explore new flavors and tastes.

So why all that pressure to know exactly what you want the moment you walk in the store? Why is anyone expected to find their own way through a maze of tanks, juices and batteries — all while trying to achieve a tough lifestyle change?

Until just a few years ago, vaping was the equivalent of robot smoking from the future.

It’s no wonder people get overwhelmed.

New Leaf Vapor was founded in 2008 to do things differently — to make vaping as easy as breathing in and out (which is really all it is). We’re picky about what we stock, but it goes deeper than what’s on the shelf.

For almost a decade, we’ve:

Helped thousands of people quit smoking

with one-to-one consultations, practical advice, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Grown with the fast-changing world of vaping

so our customers are always up-to-date with new technology, juices and regulations.

Stuck to what made us open our first store:

our love for vaping, healthier lifestyles, and seeing the pride of people who beat a lifelong habit.

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