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Caramel Mocha



Size: 30ml


If your order at a coffee shop takes more than 5 seconds to say, then this juice is for you. Smooth coffee with a sweet chocolate-caramel finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sharon Wunder

Out of all the flavors I tried in the first few months I've stuck with this flavor for about 7 and 1/2 years. It's always consistent I'm never disappointed in the quality.

Erin Ashcraft

Caramel Mocha

A Seamon

Caramel Mocha

Lori Wilke
Caramel Mocha (Kona Coffee)

I'm not sure what happened, but with our last order, neither of these products had the color and flavor we are used to receiving. In fact, the Kona did not taste as if it were Kona at all and was light yellow in color rather than the normal reddish color. With Covid19; this may have been an oversight (and a tobacco mislabeled as Kona Coffee), but just a heads up that neither product was as flavorful as usual and were a different color than usual. (We have been using these two flavors since 2013 so a difference was immediately noticed.)

Gerald Zito
Nice Clouds and Flavor

This is a very smooth vape, the flavor and clouds are fantastic. I will definitely make it a daily vape.