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Hand-Rolled Gold - Limit 1 Per Customer For Strength 6

Hand-Rolled Gold - Limit 1 Per Customer For Strength 6

 1 Bottle Per Customer for 0.6%

Orders With More Than 1 Bottle of 6 Will Be Refunded

Size: 30ml


Most comparable to the gold pack of cigarettes by the popular brand Hand-Rolled Gold might be the analog alternative you've been searching for. Mild and sweet with a light tobacco taste for those who want something less bold and a bit more sweet.

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It's like I'm inhaling red bull.

Goid! Not as sweet as the Gold Leaf

I love the Gold Leaf tobacco flavor. This is great too. Not as sweet. It's advertised as sweet while the Gold Leaf isn't, which is why I'm mentioning it. It has a good, solid, enjoyable tobacco flavor. No weird undertones or flavors.
I think those transitioning from cigarettes, seeking tobacco flavored juice will enjoy this more than the Gold Leaf I started using when I boycotted MyBlu and their terrible customer service and overpriced Gold Leaf liquipods.
I'm going to try this on a few friends who still prefer analog smokes to see if this is the one they've been looking for.
As for me, I'm mixing it with the Gold Leaf every now and then. Isn't The One but it is a good one.

It's perfect for me!

TL;DR: Cigarette tobacco flavor with a perfect balance of sweetness.

Tobacco flavors are hard to get right for me. They're either too much like a pipe, too much like a cigar, or too full of various extra flavors to the point that I just don't enjoy them for regular puffing. And let's face it, if I wanted a cigar or a pipe, I'd just go ahead and have an analog one. Hand Rolled Gold has just the right amount of sweetness - nothing overpowering to where I'm like, "Oh, wow, that's a lot of vanilla, or that's a lot of chocolate, or that's a lot of caramel." I'm not even really sure what the flavor is that's sweetening the tobacco, and that's exactly how I want it. If you're like me and you need a simple, tobacco-y all-day vape, then I'll just say: This is my all-day, every day vape now for the last, like, two months, and I never get tired of it! It's the flavor I've been looking for for years!


Since I stumbled upon it, I haven’t used anything since and I’ll never use anything else. Thanks new leaf 🍃

Rave on Hand Rolled Gold.

I don't care for the sweet treat flavors. The Hand Rolled Gold was the closest to the taste of the cigarette brand that I was smoking. I have come a long way with my cessation of smoking cigarettes. The Hand Rolled Gold has worked tremendously.

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