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Innokin Endura T20s Starter Kit

The Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit presents an elegant, pen-style system with 1500mAh internal Li-Po battery along with a MTL focused atomizer tank with Prism S Coil Technology.

 New Leaf offers a 90 warranty on this mod that covers manufacture defects!

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Great stuff. Make that tank bigger though.


Innokin Endura T20s Starter Kit

Almost Perfect

I like that the Endura T20 is a bit shorter, seems more compact, but the tank holds less juice than the T18 and the top is difficult to unscrew when refilling. Overall, I am satisfied as it smokes well.

Great Product

I bought this as a replacement for the Endura T18, as that product is no longer sold at New Leaf.

It's an exact replica of the former model, just a bit thicker in diameter. The coil changing process is the same, you still don't have to prep the coil, and there are no modifications available.

Two main differences...Since the device is larger, the battery life is phenomenal. You can use it quite often throughout the day and still be on green into the night. The other difference is that the charging port is on the side of the device, rather than under it, which is another beneficial upgrade.

There are a few reasons why I'm giving it four stars, and some may just be personal preference. The first is that I feel I have to refill my tank more frequently than I did with the T18, which is surprising because the tank is wider. Perhaps since the tank is shorter in this device, it ends up being smaller in volume than the T18?

The second is that when filling it up, there is always a little liquid that comes from twisting the top closed. I use the unicorn bottle to refill, so I'm unsure as to why this small excess happens. It's not much, but its enough to notice, and I have even tried filling the tank halfway to see if it made a difference; it did not.

The third and final reason is that I personally don't like how "loud" it is. I enjoyed the T18 because the heating sound was minimal, it just sounded like you were pulling in air. This one "crackles" a bit louder and maybe it's because it's a bigger device. If you're familiar with the "Smok V8" ecig, it's the same thing, but I thought it sounded that way with that because the mouthpiece was quite wide.

Either way, this is an excellent improvement of the T18 model and I highly recommend this product!

Good choice

Vape hits good, battery life is also good.

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