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New Leaf Gold Leaf E-Liquid (60ml)

New Leaf Gold Leaf E-Liquid (60ml)

Gold Leaf is the perfect marriage of golden tobacco with a caramelized exhale.

60ml Bottle- The one tobacco to rule them all.

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Great product!

Visited my son in Gainesville a few years back and forgot my e-juice. I stopped at the local store there and was recommended the gold leaf and I’ve been hooked since. I won’t purchase anything else.

Replaced my love for Blu Gold leaf

So, I came across this when Blu took all the flavors off the shelf besides the tobacco flavor. 7-11 people told me they will no longer sell Blu gold leaf. Bought this. Tasted very close to my Blu gold leaf. I grew to like this more than Blu gold leaf. I noticed my Blu put gold leaf back on the shelf. I bought a couple because I wanted the Blu pods for refilling. So I Vaped the my Blu gold leaf and I no longer enjoyed it. New leafs gold leaf is great. And one little bottle lasts me a month + for about $28 after shipping. And my blue was costing me $20 a week. So I save a fair amount. So if your a my Blu user. Just buy this and refill the pods. YouTube how to do it. It's super easy. And I was told by many, it wasn't possible.

good vape, good service

I've used gold leaf for some months now and it is the next best thing to a Marlboro Red which I've been able to give up after 69 years of smoking. On my most recent order I neglected to choose the nicotine level but an email to New Leaf changed my order and the correct product arrived in a few days. Bravo!


New Leaf Gold Leaf (60ml)

Great refill

I love this Gold Leaf fluid.

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