Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand


Size: 30ml



Sweet, bold, rich, flavorful, tobacco that most "red box" smokers have fallen in love with. Ranch hand is a perfect all around tobacco vape that provides all the necessary flavors that a tobacco e-liquid should consist of.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Combination

Ranch Hand has the perfect blend of caramel and a hint of coffee when mixed with Gold leaf!! Everyone who has tasted it..LOVES IT, just like me!! I'm in Recovery for Drugs and Alcohol, so quitting cigarettes also was REALLY HARD!! Those of you who are familiar with Recovery understand the importance of "CAFFEINE AND NICOTINE", and Ranch Hand is the PERFECT COMBINATION of both!!! THANKS, NEW LEAF VAPOR!!! Y'all have been such a big help in this journey that I'm on. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY, and safe, NEW YEAR!!!

I quit smoking

This is the only juice I will use..it was by chance we were driving through Jacksonville and wanting to try vaping. I smoked Marlboro red 100’s..and wanted to feel and taste like I was smoking...Bam! Ranch hand!!!! Haven’t smoked a cigarette in 5 years!!!! We moved to Colorado and am soooo happy they ship!!!!

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