Winter Blast

Winter Blast


Size: 30ml


Winter Blast is a cool icy menthol that will blast your taste buds with a rush of cool mentholated goodness. This is a must have for any menthol fan!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Decent Menthol

I've been looking for a good clean menthol evap since V2 got bought out or? In any case, it is ok as a menthol.


Menthol blast!!! Perfect for ex-newport smokers!

Homesick Five Star

I’ve been vaping for a few years now and because I was in the military, I did a lot of moving around. Always part of that move was trying to find a new vape shop. I have been to every different kind of vape shop (in several other countries as well), but this New Leaf is absolutely the best of the best.
I recently had to move to California (I would GLADLY help the owner open a shop here), but I still wanted the juices I love. I was elated when I found out New Leaf ships to Cali! I ordered two bottles of Winter Blast and pretty much forgot about the order.
A box was on my doorstep when I got home from work on a Monday. I opened the box and on my invoice someone had written easily the best dad joke ever. What made this the best dad joke? I was terribly homesick that day. I missed Jacksonville (shoutout to the Blanding Blvd and Southside Blvd shops), I missed the south, and I missed my family. This one incredibly stupid, silly, handwritten dad joke made me feel so much better.
This company cares about its customers. Did the person who wrote the joke on my invoice know I needed (desperately) to laugh that day? Absolutely not, but they care about whether their guests or customers have a good experience with their company.
It’s something silly and very small, but in the grand scheme of things? Amazing. They are like the Snapple of vape juices and I’m am 110% here for it.
Oh...and the vape juice, as always, is of high quality and doesn’t taste like cough syrup.
Thank you, New Leaf!!!


Winter Blast

Bad batch

I don’t know what happened because the winter blast has always been great but my last order was terrible. Something must have gone wrong when it was being made because it tasted really bad.

Hopefully you guys fix it before I order it again.

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